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Default Acquired2nd hand Zen Xtra 30gb, what do I do?

Hi, my brother's just picked up a Creative Zen Extra 30gb from ebay or something similar. It has come with no software and I am unable to access the player from any of my PCs. All of them bar one has Vista/7, so I'm concentrating on accessing it solely on a XP SP2 machine.

The player comes with firmware 1.20.08

I am trying to install firmware 2.10.03 however the update app complains there is a problem starting up the player and that I need to reboot the device. No amounting of rebooting it has any effect.

The player itself seems to work fine, it was given to my brother with a few tracks on it which play fine.

I'm also trying the software listed on this page:

Creative ZEN and Jukebox Driver 2.01.00

Creative ZENcast Organizer 2.01.01 Suite

This installs with seemingly no complaints, however once this and the Driver is installed, nothing changes, no device is shown as connected to the XP PC. The drive itself seems to recognise it is connected to a PC (XP or Vista) as the screen shows a transfer music file image. Vista also recognises that the player is connected and tries to search for drivers. XP makes the "new device" sound when the drive is plugged in, but I can't see any way of accessing it.

Creative ZEN and NOMAD Jukebox Plugin 5.00.22 for Creative MediaSource 5 Player/Organizer

I was hoping this might be relevant, or that MediaSource might be bundled with the ZENCast Organizer, but alas this piece of software does not install.

I've tried a few guides on these forums that I can find, ones like what if the drive is only showing up as 20mb etc, to no avail, however I can't seem to find a problem that matches mine!

Thanks for any help or thoughts!
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