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Default Application/Game Ideas

Updated: November 19th, 2010

Below is a list that I have compiled of the current Game/App ideas. Please post your updates in this thread if I do not catch them.

1942/Raiden - In Progress
Accelerometer-based Alarm (ZenLock) - Complete (ThievingSix)
Accelerometer Output - Complete (Tetrajak)
Acromage - Complete (delirius)
Air Hockey
Alpine Crawler
Animated GIF to LUA Converter - Complete (Redwolfhome)
Avoid - Complete (Isquish)
Ball Maze
Battleship - In Progress (MoePercent)
Battle City - In Progress (Isquish)
BbasS - Complete (blikbier)
Beer App - In Progress (keirien)
Bejeweled (Crystal Connect) - Complete (Tetrajak)
Black Jack - Complete (Habhome)
Boink - Complete
BPM Calc - In Progress (Habhome)
Breakout - Complete
Bubble Tanks
Bubble Chap - Complete (legostein)
Bubble Wrap - Complete (trashman2489, Spewk, Habhome, Gruffler)
Civilization - In Progress (Bamsebjorn)
Colonization - In Progress (©reative)
Cooking Mama
Concentration (Memory Game) - Complete (Theodore)
Connect Four - In Progress
Counter - Complete (MoePercent)
Crayon Physics
Crush the Castle
Cube Runner (Cubefield) - In Progress (keirien)
Deal or No Deal
Dice Wars - In Progress (Zeniwan)
DJ Application
Doodle Jump
Drama Button - Complete (Mr Wunderbar)
DrugWars - Complete (cilmaviel)
Drum App - Complete (blikbier)
Duke Nukem Soundboard - In Progress (CatsRus)
e-reader/PDF reader
Easy Button - Complete (RobertsAccount)
Easy Converter - Complete (Xeroo)
Egg Timer / Kitchen Timer
Egg Watcher - Complete (blikbier)
Epad - In Progress (JJLoke)
Falldown - In Progress (Redwolfhome)
Falling Balls - Complete (Diddykong13)
Flash Light (flashlight app) - Complete (keirien)
Graph Plotter
GTA Driving Forward - Complete (Brett_val)
Guitar Hero / TapHero - Complete (Gruffler)
Guitar Tuner
Gunz - Complete (blikbier)
Halls of the Dead
I Don't Even Game
Impossible Quiz - In Progress (Zeniwan)
JezzBall - Complete (jbob182)
Jump'n'run game - In Progress (Gruffler)
Karaoke Player
Kitten Cannon
Koi Pond IDE - In Progress (bzdbbb)
Last.FM Scrobbler
Level/Angel Finder - Complete
Lemonade Tycoon - In Progress (jimmyjoe36)
Life - Complete (Donone)
Lighter/Zippo App
Line Rider
Lock Application - In Progress (arleslie)
LUA File Search - Complete (Tetrajak)
LUAC Script Compiler - Complete (ThievingSix)
Mahjong - Complete (ZaPx64)
Mastermind - Complete
Memory game - Complete (Gruffler)
Metronome App - In Progress (x130844)
Mines - Complete (madg)
Mini Golf - In Progress (Gruffler)
Missile Command
Monkey Ball - BETA (cilmaviel)
Note-fi - Complete (ZaPx64)
Notepad - Complete (Brett_val)
One Button Bob - In Progress (Isquish)
Pacman - In Progress (keirien)
Pacman - In Progress (jbob182)
Pacman - Complete (Isquish)
Paint - Complete
Papaer-Rock-Scissors - Complete (blikbier)
Paradise Slots (Slot Machine) - Complete (Habhome)
PDF Reader/Converter - Complete (Redwolfhome)
Pedometer - In Progress (Gadon)
Pillars of the Earth - In Progress (nipico)
Pocket Tanks
Point and Click Game (Adventure Genre)
Poke the Penguin - Complete (RobertsAccount)
Pole Position - In Progress (Hairybryce)
Pong - Complete
Post-it - Complete (cilmaviel)
Puzzle Bobble
Racing Game
Random Button - Complete (Mr Wunderbar)
Rock Paper Scissors - In Progress (jbob182)
RockPaperScissors - Complete (blikbier)
RPG Game - In Progress (Habhome)
Sad Quotes - Complete (Shackles)
Simon - Complete
Skydiver Game (Accelerometer Based)
Sliding Puzzle - Complete (Xeroo)
SlotX (Slot Machine) - Complete (blikbier)
Snake - In Progress (Zaffo)
Solitaire - Complete (DanTheLegoMan)
Soundboard (Drum Kit) - In Progress (JulleD)
Soundboard (Drum Machine) - In Progress (badazzmofo)
Soundboard (Muse) - Complete (RobertsAccount)
Soundboard (ZENdaft) - Complete
Soundboard (ZENfart) - Complete
Soundboard (ZENPacman) - Complete
Soundboard (ZEN Trek) - Complete
Space Invaders - In Progress (Free Radical)
Spider Solitare - Complete (DanThe LegoMan)
Spiderman City Raid
Spiderman Web Sling
Spin the XXX Bottle
Squares! - Complete (iago1460)
Stick Defense
Stopwatch/Countdown - In Progress (djcrabs)
Stopwatch - Complete (gadon)
Strobe Light (app) - Complete (keirien)
Super Buster Bros
Tactical Assassin - Complete (blikbier, Brett_val)
Tanks - In Progress (bzdbbb)
Tetris - Complete (
Texas Holdem
Tic-Tac-Toe - Complete
Tip Calculator - Complete
Tower Defense - In Progress
Tower of Hanoi - Complete (Redwolfhome)
Traffic Jam - In Progress (Chee Keong)
Unit Converter
Video Poker
Volume Control - Complete (delirius)
Wubly2 - In Progress (Shackles)
X-mas Game - Complete (
Zeano (Piano) - Complete (Gruffler)
Zen Battle - Complete (iago1460)
ZenCount - Complete (jbob182)
ZenDuck (Duck Hunt) - Complete (Brett_val)
146 Total Ideas Listed
60 Complete Apps
23 In Progress Apps
63 Ideas Not Started

Post in this thread IF
you have an idea to add that is not listed.

PM me IF
you are working on one of these ideas and want your name next to it.

This list will be updated about once every few weeks (since development has slowed somewhat)

If you have a question, please ask. I am more than happy to help.

Your friendly neighborhood
Dark Lord

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