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Lightbulb Firmware Image Extractor | Injector 5000

Download: 200kb.


I've been refreshing my C programming skills by making a
Firmware Image extractor / injector console program, that reads the 1.10.04.exe
firmware file and scans for the image block and save it to a file,
and with the parameter -w it write the images back into the firmware file
without touching anything else in there. I've tested with Total Commander's
file compare after 682 unaltered images had been extracted and injected
again, the original and the "modded" file where identical, all 40mb of it.

I have changed some images and updated my X-Fi2 player and it works
as it suppose to, just with some new graphics.

It extract 682 images, in 6 different colour themes.

Credit: Original source code by 'pegahic' for Cowon O2 firmware.
Modified to work with the 1.10.04 firmware's missing block header identification
, strange BGRA image format and width/height bit encoding.

Edit -update:
Using the Extractor/Injector program with mouse click only:
1. Create a folder with the files in this zip package
2. Copy the 'ZENX-Fi2_PCFW_L22_1_11_01.exe' to the folder.
3. Click on 'Extract images.bat' to extract and save the images.
4. Edit the images with eg. Gimp or another images program able to handle alpha channel/transparency.
5. Click on 'Inject images.bat' to load and inject the images.
6. run the firmware updater file eg.'ZENX-Fi2_PCFW_L22_1_11_01.exe' to update the player.

Command prompt Usage:
Extract and save images: FirmwareExtractor.exe ZENX-Fi2_PCFW_L22_1_10_04.exe
Load and inject images : FirmwareExtractor.exe -w ZENX-Fi2_PCFW_L22_1_10_04.exe


Happy New Year !

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