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I'm wanna buy a mp3 player, and I want to ask you if there's a device with some especific features (I've been looking in many reviews of this page, and I haven't been lucky) which are:

- At least 16 Gb Internal Memory
- Radio FM
- Radio Recording (The most important to me)
- Not touchscreen
- Clickable buttons (It's critical for me to feel that I press the buttons, I'm one of those who clicks to change the song without getting the device out of my pockets).
- HOLD button or something (Almost all of them have it)
- Fast software (Important too)
- It's not necessary an intuitive software (Not a problem)
- Very long battery life (I would prefer 30 hours or more for music)
- Video is not very important to me, but I would pay a few more bucks for that.
- USB Standard miniport would be great, not critical.
- I'm a very tough user (I'm not very careful), i like them to resist my way to use it, but I don't care if it get's scratches or something, just to work fine.
- Price close to 180 USD

OK, I've had 3 previous devices and I want to say what I think of those:
- KINGSTON 1GB -> I guess it was a chinese device, because Kingston doesn't have mp3 as far as I know. The software sucked, big time, no radio recording.
- SONY NWF... -> Excellent. Perfect for me, except it had only 4 Gb and no radio recording.
- Samsung YP-P2 -> Beautiful device, 8 Gb (It wasn't enough), radio recording (yeah!), but touchscreen and a very unefficient software.

In my research I found a few problems, you will correct me if I'm wrong:
- SanDisc (Excellent devices, but they seem to be a little bit unreliable, idk)
- Creative (No recording radio - No thanks)
- Sony (No recording radio for models with big capacity)
- Cowon (Almost all of them are touchscreen)
- Samsung (Same as cowon, and bad experiences)

That's all, I would be thrilled if you help me, I need a device so bad, my current samsung got the headphone hole wrecked or something, and I want a new one.
PD: Sorry, english is not my first language, and the extension of the post too... it's hard to express my needs in less words.

Thank you all
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The Sony S545 has 16 GB, buttons, and FM recording. Battery life is listed as 42 hours. In the US, it sells for as little as around $100. I can't think of any other player that has everything you want. Players listed as getting 30 hours of battery life might only get around 24 hours. With 42 hours listed, the S545 probably actually gets over 30 hours.

The negative factors for the S545 seem to be no separate podcast area or bookmarking, and a proprietary USB connector. I don't recall seeing any mention of podcasts in your post.
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Thank you very much... you gave me exactly what I needed... thanks!!!

I'm buying it!
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Originally Posted by j_esau View Post
Thank you very much... you gave me exactly what I needed... thanks!!!

I'm buying it!
I like mine.
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The Sony S545 is probably a good choice for you. A couple of other negatives for SOME people (but maybe not you). No card reader to extend the memory. Has speakers built-in. I don't know the quality of the speakers, but seem like a bit of a waste.

You mention that the Sandisks are unreliable. Just wanted to mention that the Clip/Clip+/Fuze are reliable in my experience, but they don't have the battery life that you are looking for. Of course you could be talking about the Sansa View which is rarely recommended here at ABi.

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