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Default finite amount of files the player can store


I was thinking about buying a 8gb clip plus as its only 39.99 on

However one of the reviewers posted the following info

"The player has a central database like most players do, however the player has a massive design flaw. The file used for keeping track of the files on the player is 1.8 MB always... this is not big enough to hold information about the number of oggs I am trying to put on the player. To give you an idea, I filled the 8GB Internal Memory with 64 kbps oggs. The player was happy enough with that AS LONG AS YOU MAKE SURE TO LEAVE 90 MB FREE FOR THE INTERNAL DATABASE. It will warn you if you haven't done that. I then filled the 16GB card with the rest of my ogg collection. I noticed that the player would only "see" the first 4GB worth of this music, in either Tag mode or file system view. In the file system view the vast majority of the files were simply not presented even though upon connecting the device to the computer they were all on the card. After hours of trying to debug this problem it appears that there is a finite amount of files the player can store information about in it's MTABLE.SYS file (1.8 MB fixed). If your library would over fill this, the cut off will be the last files to be listed in this file. This is a massive disappointment for me. I was hoping to get a load of music on this player".

Not being that tech minded, does this mean you cannot fill up a 16 gb card and in the future 32gb cards?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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