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Default RESOLVED: Can the Clip+ stack multiple playlists?

EDIT: now that I've received the product, I've answered the question myself - it cannot stack playlists.

I've searched but can't find this specific question/answer; please pardon me if I missed it.

Can you stack multiple playlists on the Clip+?

For instance, if I'm playing my Jazz playlist, can I pile my Christmas playlist on top of it, combining both? If so, does random play work to really mix 'em up?

I just ordered a Clip+ for my restaurant's music playback; we mix and match playlists for different times of day and seasons. We've been using an ancient hard-drive Creative Nomad 3 Jukebox, but it's dying. It has the ability to select a different playlist during music playback and choose "Add To Play" to stack it on top of whatever was already selected - very handy.

I'm hoping the Clip+ can do this too.

If stacked playlists don't work, is there a limit on the number of songs in an MTP playlist? I could hack a fix by creating a "Jazz+Christmas" playlist for instance.

We won't get our new player for a week or so; I'm trying to get prepared to load it up before it arrives - thanks for any feedback.

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