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Default Sony BCR-NWU5 Cradle/Dock Clearance - $18 + s/h

It looks like Sony's BCR-NWU5 Cradle is being clearanced out at Amazon US (via Tiger Direct) to make room for this year's BCR-NWU7. If you order through Amazon the price is $17.99 plus $2.82 s/h. If ordered through Tiger Direct's website the price is $17.99 plus $7.99 s/h (to Spokane, WA).

I ordered one last week and got it today via UPS. The first thing I noticed is that this years Walkmans come with a different shape dock insert than last years models. the older ones are round and fit the NWU5. This years models are rectangular and fit the NWU7. My S545 fit the NWU5 just fine without using any inserts. The picture on Amazon make is look like it's silver, but the base is chrome.

The NWU5 has four connections in the back: WM-Port (to connect to a PC for charging/syncing), a mini-USB that is the power input, a 3.5mm line-out, and a 3.5mm line-in (only works if your Walkman supports line-in recording - most don't). It also includes a 5v 800ma AC-DC adapter and a power-only mini-USB cable (that connects to the power adapter). No WM-Port or 3.5mm audio cables are provided.

- Plays audio through the line-out while plugged in to wall outlet/charging. Won't play audio when synced via WM-Port connection.
- Walkman's volume controls are disabled. Volume is adjusted through the audio component that the line-out is connected to.
- Cradle can work without any external power supply (can output audio through the line out using the Walkman's battery).
- Walkman's EQ works fine via line-out
- Walkman's screen does not stay on even when the cradle is plugged in (when listening to audio only). The screen turns off after whatever time you have set for your screensaver.
- FM reception is horrible when docked. Nothing can be plugged into the headphone jack to act as an antenna (if your headphone jack is located on the bottom of your player)
- My cradle wouldn't work with a generic 5v 1000ma USB converter. It does work with the supplied Sony 5v 800ma converter
- If using the S545, the internal speakers are disabled when docked (the Headphone/Speaker switch has no effect)
- If you connect the WM Port cable to your computer, it will automatically sync just like you connected the WM Port cable directly to the Walkman. You can't listen to audio or have control of the Walkman when it is synced (use the cradle either as a PC sync/charger or as a wall charger/line out).

If anyone has questions, just ask. I'll post a couple of pictues later.


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Nice review, great deal.
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As I understand, this normally cost $30 and it's uses are:

-to connect walkman to PC for music transfer. Could be done with a USB cable.
-to connect walkman to speakers. Could be done with an audio cable.
-to charge walkman. Could be done with USB cable and PC.
and is compatible with S610, S710, A720, and A810 Series Sony Walkman MP3 players

I don't know what a WM port is, but I'm not seeing a big benefit of the cradle. Thanks for the tip though.
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Responding to this last comment 6+ years later (! ), really the purpose of this and similar cradles/docks is for simple convenience and cable/cord organization, and aesthetics (personal to a user). Bascom generally is right that there's not much that the cradle does that an audio cable and Walkman USB cable won't do--an exception being the cradle's exporting of audio via a line-out rather than an audio headphone jack, if that's important to one.

The convenience and organization factor is having one's audio player in a dedicated cradle on one's desk, etc., and in an upright display fashion, rather than wherever and possibly getting pushed around, flat on the desk (if not being stored otherwise). Also, with the cradle, all one needs to do is insert the player, the connections to wall power and speakers being permanently in place to the cradle--no need otherwise to fuss with cables snaked over one's desk, etc. and connecting each to the audio player. Again, just a convenience that one might find handy.

Note, as pointed out originally, some possible shortcomings--no or poor radio output from an audio player when docked, depending on the player and dock, and possible loss of player volume control when docked, depending on the player.

But, convenience and looks can be nice (especially where not costing an arm and a leg).
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