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Cool Bluetooth Headset Recommendation?


I'm looking for recommendations for a bluetooth headset for my Cowon S9 (under $100). It needs to be a bit lightweight (so big headsets are ruled out) as I'll be using them when jogging or in gym.

So far I'm looking at these 4 options:

1) Motorola S9 HD
2) Sony Ericsson HBH-DS220
3) Nokia BH-505
4) Nokia BH-214

The Nokia ones are Bluetooth 2.1 so not sure if they'll work with S9 which has Bluetooth 2.0. Any ideas?

Does anyone know which one of these is good? I've heard about Motorola S9 HD being good, dunno about the rest. The Sony one has noise cancelling as well.

Suggestions, recommendations - much appreciated.
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Bluetooth 2.1 is no problem. All 2.1 units has backward support for 2.0 and 1.1 and so on. 2.1 should only be an advantage - it will not be obsolete as fast as an older unit when you eventually replace your S9 (not sure who would really want to do that hehe)

I would say that the SonyEricsson unit is a big advantage if you have or want to upgrade to a better headset or earphones. The other three - you will have to audition them. If they doesn't sound as you'd like or ain't comfortable enough then you have no other option than buy another product. Be aware that the previous Sony', the DS205, has longer battery life and is probably cheaper if you can find them on the shelf. From the spesifications it looks like its mainly the bundled IEM's that's upgraded, so if you have your favourite phones you should consider the 205 too. (most of the other updates are for spesific new SonyEricsson phone functions, noise cancelling mic etc.)
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