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Default Problem with Playlists (Winamp, MTP mode) and Clip+


Thanks to WalkGood's help in my previous thread:

I finally managed to create playlists in Winamp using my clip+ in MTP mode. They are displayed correctly both in winamp and the windows explorer in the "Playlists" Folder of the clip+ as .pla Files. I can even open and edit them in the Windows Explorer like it said here:

My clip+ sees them too! yey? Not quite

The clip+ does list all the playlists, but they all contain the same tracks, namely from the last created playlist, which is ridiculous because even the Explorer shows them to contain different tracks

Anyone encountered this problem before?

Thanks for all the help!

By the way: If I use MSC, winamp also creates playlists, but the clip always reads them to be empty

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I had your exact problem with MTP playlists on my Fuze. I believe it's Sansa thing. I could create multiple playlists but the contents would change to the last one I worked with.

I wrote a step by step on what I did to finally get MTP playlists working for me without additional software. I was never able to work around the issue with Winamp. Hope it helps.

BTW I was able to use Winamp and a number of other programs to create working playlists using either the card or the main memory. Never both. The secret is to store the playlists in the root of the folder that contains the music files. If you store them anywhere else it creates a backslash (\) in the path and breaks the playlist.
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