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Default MTP - MSC Question


Terribly sorry for bothering people here with something that seems to be known to everyone, but I couldn't get the Forum Search feature to find me anything on MTU and MSC. Maybe it won't search for 3-charater words?

I just bought a Clip+ 8GB and I'm very happy, but I just can't make playlists, I'm trying to follow the instructions given in the Sticky Threads but I don't get the whole MTU/MSC thing at all.

When am I in what mode? How do I find out? Is there an easy way to change? I'm tired of trying and getting empty playlists, this can't be so hard...

Thanks in advance!
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Default MSC and MTP Explained

I see you are new, welcome to abi ...

You might want to read "A Glossary for n00bs," link under my sig and also spend some time in the SanDisk forums, as there is lots of useful information there as many of the features are similar in their whole line.

MSC = Mass Storage Class (AKA mass-storage device class or UMS), in this mode the computer sees DAP the same as a flash drive or removable disk. PC assigns it the first available drive letter, as well as one for the memory card (if you have expansion slot, yes I know the plus does). This is the most popular of the 2 modes on abi per poll here, and is a more "open source" type of standard. Most computers detect the player in this mode without any problems.

MTP = Media Transfer Protocol, which is a Microsoft standard and is Microsoft’s solution to connecting digital players and cameras to a window based platform, except their zune. MTP mode must be used in order to transfer any Digital Rights Managment (DRM) protected content. Subscription services: Rhapsody, Napster, ect. ... only function in this MTP mode.

Easy way to change - Turn on Sansa, go to settings, go to usb mode and select either, but don’t leave it on auto select as this is one source of major confusion for new users. Also keep in mind that files loaded in one mode can not be seen in another mode, good luck ...

Use search and you can find this information as it's been posted many times before, could just be that you misspelled MTP, btw I edited your title.

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Okey thanks, got it figured out now, AND i can see the difference too ^^
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