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Default Why has no one requested more colours?

That's my request Sandisk - more colours! I was afraid to post this in the requests thread for fear of being shot down, as no one has deemed it a worthy or genuine feature request since it seems to be all sound and interface related - at least AFAIK (if not, please point me to that thread).

In an otherwise perfect little player for the price, this seems to be the most annoying omission. I can understand why people would be upset about AAC support or pitch problems or true gapless playback, but that's all justified at the low end market. However the previous Clip was treated to way more colours, so they've already proven that it's not too expensive to be less stingy with the body paint.

If I was biased I'd say, "Just get me an 8gig burgundy!" but it's gotta be annoying for people who want the colours in the smaller size as well, or those who wouldn't mind a pink one - that's usually a common option. Plus I don't understand why the options are only available at the middle range - why downsell? Surely, you should maximise the options or features on the most expensive model to upsell the consumer, no? And given that this is such a great competitor to the hideous Shuffle, you'd think more colours would be another easy way to outshine it.

Anyway, if anyone has news on other colours being added, then that would be great if you let me in on that too.

Rant over.

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