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Default Deleting Original "Folders" in Clip+

So far, I enjoy like the Clip+. You folks helped me with that. Thanks.

I only listen to recorded books. How much trouble am I going to get into if I delete the Audible, Podcasts, Record folders? And while we're at it, hows about those Slot Radio things? Can I rename Audiobooks to something else?

Am I pushing it????

Thanks for helping me get through the hunting season!

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If you delete the default folders on the Clip+, my guess is that the player will create them again the next time it is turned on, or when it is disconnected from the pc. As an example, the first time you put a card in the card slot, the player will create a music folder on it, and within that audiobooks and podcasts folders. The best idea is to just ignore these folders if you don't want to use them.

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You can safely delete them (as when you format), but like the proverbial bad penny, they will always come back.
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I mark them hidden in Windows Explorer, so I don't have to see them (except the Music folder). That works, contrary to deleting them.
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Understand the "bad penny." I'll go against my character and leave things alone.
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Good idea on making some of the original folders invisible. Not being able to get rid of some of them annoyed me. Very nice that they don't appear to be there anymore.
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