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Default How to Encode Home DVDs w/ Handbrake For ZuneHD

First off I don't support illegal activities so please use this information responsibly.

Things you'll Need:
Handbrake 0.9.4 or Newer
A folder containing the "VIDEO_TS" folder from a DVD (I used Big Buck Bunny that is open source and freely available(Read Legal))
NOTE: You can also convert many other video files using handbrake but this how-to is for DVDs specifically.

First install Handbrake

After it is installed open it up, we will first setup the software's options.
At the top under Tools choose Options
Next place a check mark in the box for "Automatically Name Output Files". Then set a Default Path for Output Files, this will put all videos in the same folder, this allows you to set the Zune software to find the videos more easily.

Next Click "Source" and then "DVD/ VIDEO_TS folder" then find the folder containing the "VIDEO_TS" folder from the DVD.

Next You'll need to select the "Title" or video from the DVD you want to encode.
NOTE: For most DVDs the longest title is the movie, for me the 2nd title is the movie.

Then select the "iPhone & iPod Touch" Preset on the right
Now we will change some settings and then start the encode.

Under the Picture Tab:
Check "Keep Aspect Ratio"

Under the Audio Tab:
At the bottom click on the track 1 Audio and change the settings to: Mixdown: Stereo and Bitrate: 160

Subtitles Tab:
Click on the Track "Foreign Audio Search(Bi..." and remove it with the "Remove" button

After you have Done all of this setup I suggest you save the Preset by clicking "Add" at the bottom right and naming it what ever you wish, I used ZuneHD(SD). When you use this preset be sure to check "Keep Aspect Ratio" each time you encode.

Now you are ready to encode the video by clicking the "Start" button at the top. The handbrake CLI will popup and run in the background. When handbrake is done upload your new video to your ZuneHD and start enjoying.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them.

Big Buck Bunny:

Disclamer: AnythingButiPod, Crowd Gather, third parties, and first parties are not responsible for how the above tutorial is used by the reader. The tutorial is meant for used on non copyrighted DVDs and/or video files. Users follow it at their own risk.
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