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Default Zen vision repair

Some time ago my Zen vision w player fell on the floor.

Unfortunately all the buttons beside the display are not working anymore.
The display and the buttons on the top are working ok.

Can anybody give some advice on how I can fix thiz.

I have taken of the cover so the harddisk/battery is at one side and the display on the other side.

I have tried to press differnet switches to se if they got lose in the fall but nothing is helping.

Thank you

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Default RE: ZVW Repair

I have this EXACT same issue. My 20GB ZVW was in a silicone skin when I accidentally dropped it about 4 ft to a linoleum floor. The display works perfectly and isn't harmed, the hard drive is completely readable and I can still play music form the zen on my computer. The volume buttons and power buttons function normally. It seems the only buttons affected were the control buttons to the right of the display. They still light up, but they don't respond.

When the zen boots up it displays the song that was playing when it was dropped. I can boot it into recovery mode, but I can't do anything from there as I can't navigate or select anything.

I've taken it apart completely and can verify that everything internally appears intact. I don't care if somebody has a home remedy or if they have a good repair shop recommended. Don't care where I have to send it to. I just want it fixed!!!
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Default I have this exact same problem

Dropped my silicon wrapped zen on the sidewalk. Worked fine until yesterday. Turned it on and the control buttons are not working. Did you get any response with suggestions on how to fix?
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Oh I know what it is!!!. You need to take the faceplate off and reseat the button pad. It is an engineering mistake that creative made and they corrected in on the vision W.
the button pad actually "pushes in" to connect. you have to take the faceplate off to check. You will see what i mean then. If you need a pad, I have extra. FREE
Someday I am going to sell off all my spare parts on ebay.
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