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Default Synergystic Buds with Clip+

Hello all, first post. On the strength of the good members opinions of the Clip+ here, I have decided to purchase a new 4gb+. I am interested in the best sound quality possible. I will be using FLAC files and already own a FOXL speaker system. My question(s)are: 1. Is there a pair of buds that have a special synergy with the + under $50? 2. Over $50? Isolation is not a priority, nor is volume, but a reasonable volume would be expected. Again, fidelity is my primary priority. Thanks in advance.
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MP3 players don't really have "synergy" with headphones. Get better headphones and they'll sound proportionally better. You don't get bonus points.

That said, some MP3 players have trouble driving low impedance headphones. The clip+ isn't one of them though.
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Thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate your candor. Would I be better served with low or high impedance buds with the +? What are your personal favorites of buds under/over $50?
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