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Default Which "folder" to drop my recorded books into?


Kinda new here and to these tiny MP3 Player "things." Lots of questions already answered by reading this great forum. Here is a silly one because I can't see the forest for the trees:

I don't understand the directory tree in my Clip+ player. I rent Recorded Books from my library in MP3 format (or I convert them to MP3 format.) I have the Clip+ set to MSC mode. Using Explorer, I drag my MP3 book into Music (since I only use this thing for books and Music is the default option upon boot up.) My book not only appears there, but also in other places (Folders)(Internal Memory) ( this the same folder I see in Explorer?) I can see the book in my Music folder from an Explorer view, but can't seem to find the other instance of the book to delete it (do I have really have two copies of the book?)

So, anyhoo, can I just drag my book to the root folder or do I have to put a book in the audiobook folder? Like I mentioned, I probably will seldom if ever use use my Clip+ for any music.


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