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Default WMP 11 playlists and the Zen MX

I have what I hope is a fairly basic problem and I'm hoping that someone on this forum will be able to help.

I have a brand new 16GB Creative Zen MX; my previous player was a Sansa and I have 2600 songs in 34 playlists in Windows Media Player 11. (I know there are probably better programs to organise a music library but as I have a big library in WMP and it has all my playlists etc I don't want to change.) When I bought the new player I was told it worked with WMP, including playlists. Because I intend to keep using WMP for other purposes, because my library is in it and because I'd heard poor reports of the creative software, I haven't even tried to use the bundled software; I just set up a WMP sync exactly as I would for my Sansa..

But what I found was that though all the songs in all the playlists were transferred (one playlist at a time), the playlists themselves do not seem to have been transferred. The playlists menu item on the device does not show any playlists and I can't see any using the folder view in windows explorer.

Google hasn't been very helpful, but it seems to tell me-
1. Zen playlists are in a different format to WMP ones (so copy and paste wouldn't work) and
2. WMP playlists get changed into zen ones automatically on sync, (which is clearly not happening on my device)

The Creative support pages seem to tell me that doing exactly what I have done should work; their link is -,

Can anyone help? I really do need to get this working with the main music program I use on my computer as I tend to add to and change playlists frequently and I depend on sync to update my player. If I can't sort this out, I think I will have to return the device which would be a shame.
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