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Aero Ultimate G2 is a User Creative Interface for the Cowon S9.

It provides lots of features such as widgets, customizable desktops, an integrated music UCI and many more. However, the UCI is still very user-friendly and easy to use.

Aero Ultimate G2 allows you to customize the interface however you want it. There are more than 30 icons and widgets available which you can place on 4 desktops the way you want it.
There's not only the ability to move icons and widgets around - you can also hide the toolbar (the bar with the clock in the screenshots), show an infobar (the bar at the top in the 3rd screenshot) and apply many more options according to your wishes.

The available icons

The available widgets

About the widgets in the second screenshot:
The post-it widget shows notes you wrote in Typist.
The widget with the texts 'Love Game' and 'Lady Gaga' is the so called mode info widget. It shows information about the currently playing song or shows the current frequency if the radio is active.
The widget with the red leaf picture is the slideshow widget. You can change the picture and start an automatic slideshow.
The analog clock widget has 5 different themes.

There aren't only the icons Aero Ultimate G2 provides you - you can create your own icons!
You can use 1 of 9 icon packs which can contain up to 35 custom icons. Along with the stock icons and widgets you can place up to 68 objects on your four desktops.
Of course the Custom Icons Manager is easy to use with its clearly arranged menus and big buttons for good usability. Also, there is a sorting function so that you can manage your custom icons very handy.

Aero Ultimate G2 provides a very secure password protection and various lock screens to protect your player from other people. You can use letters, numbers and symbols in your password.
Also, the 9-Dots lock screen allows you to set a specific order the dots have to be pressed, which is quite similar to the Android's unlock method.
There are many other options to configure your lock screen interface.

Regular updates, a developer who is always open for suggestions and fast support for your problems - is there anything missing?

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