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Default Sennheiser HD555

I have been reading around and finding opinions and experiences on different headphone amps and I am probably more lost than I was before. I am an audiophile newb lol. I got the HD280pros, great headphones however cant wear them for long periods of time and they break rather easily. I have found myself using lower end sennheisers, either way I LOVE sennheiser sound quality so recently i got myself a pair of HD555s, (they are still on the way) and i want to do right by them and for me. I'll mainly be listening to itunes bought music and playing games. I am the kind of guy that wants full experience and I want to hear every instrument of every song and without that hiss in high treble areas (the hd 280s did that pretty bad, and im thinking because i didnt have the proper equipment for it which is why im here). In games I want realistic sounds that make me really feel im there and where I can hear the sounds seperatly (if that makes sense) instead of glomped and faded.

Anyway i digress, what would u say is a good amp for me to get for my sennheiser HD555s that are under 50 dollars to get me goin and will make a big difference as opposed to not having an amp to begin with. I currently use a sound blaster x-fi, and if you guys have suggestions for a better sound card and why, I would take that into consideration as well. I am just tired of my sound being almost and not quite if u know what i mean. Ill also probably use them for my iphone (i know i know) but ill be using my lower end 40 dollar sennheisers for that mainly.

Thank you for any advice!

p.s. for some reason i feel this is poorly worded and written but I cant figure out a better way to write it lol, so i apologize, maybe its cuz my mind is fried at work atm.
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