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Default Pre-gain and Replay Gain

OK, I have read everything I can find on the net, including the sansa forum. I'm embarassed to say that I'm an EE and can't remember attenuation, but neither can my husband who is one too.

The forum says hor Hard Rock / Hip Hop collections, the Replay Gain values will be more negative, (meaning the song is above the 89dB target) like -8 dB. In this case, higher Pre-Gain level such as 4.5 dB can be used.

Please someone explain why you would want to increas the pre-gain just to attenuate it for replay. I know I'm being stupid and can't remember my classes, so please don't be mean! :-)
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Pregain lets you adjust the target volume above or below 89 dB. If you set it higher, you will make things louder. If you set it quieter, you will make things quieter. That is all it does.
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