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Default Considering a D2, but have questions..

Well as my Sansa Clip disappeared and my Zune80 is acting up, I'm considering a new player instead of more of the old.


I hear the D2 is a pretty good audiobook player and you can use bookmarks on it (a required feature for good audiobook playback) but I was wondering, does it have a seperate audiobook folder or will my audiobooks (ripped from CDs) be bundled in the music. One thing I liked about the Sansa for audiobooks vs. the Zune was that they were drag/dropped into thier own folder via windows and then seperated automatically by the player into their own little space.


Video, almost all of my videos are in window media video format and I have a HUGE libary of videos. One thing I like about the D2 is that like my Zune there's a TV out cable for easy TV viewing. But would I have to reconvert (and re-tag) my videos before being able to play them on the D2?

Looking forward to any helpful answers before I dive in and purchase one of these little players. Thanks ahead of time.
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