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Default Clip v. Clip + (my review)

I was extremely happy with my 2GB black Clip I had purchased over the summer. It was the perfect little mp3 player but I yearned for an mp3 player with a higher storage capacity onto which I could put the majority of my music library. Enter the Clip + 8GB and a 16GB microsdhc card. I considered the Sony S639 and the Cowon I audio 9, but those were just short on capacity and too high on price.

After one day of owning the Clip + here is how I would review it after having listened to the Clip for a few months.

-Much faster scrolling through songs. This is a relief for me because I am a serial song skipper and it takes me a while to sometimes find a song that fits my need for that moment.
-Sound quality may be better. It might just be me, but it sounds a little better. I am no music expert by any means though.
-Much better construction. The clip being fixed certainly helps it feel more solid, and I like the look a lot more, it is much sleeker.
-No light up D-pad and ring.
-Higher capacity (still waiting for my 16GB microsdhc card).

-The radio is way too loud at the minimum volume. This is almost a dealbreaker for me since I listen to the radio at night prior to sleeping.
-The Slotradio icon. I pressed it a few times and got sucked into a few second black hole as the player waited to get back to the menu.
-Bugs? Not sure about this since I may have put some non-music files on the player that were in my music folder, but the player gets stuck every so often, the screen goes black but the next song starts a few seconds later.

Things to Fix (suggestions)
-The minimum radio volume issue so it is on par with the minimum music volume.
-Removing the Slotradio icon.
-It would have been nice when pressing the center button while a song is playing to display the information for the song that is playing rather than the visualization screen or the "next song" information (available on doubleclick). It is far more useful for me to have the info for the current song than for the next song, especially since the album name is not displayed when a song is currently playing.

All in all a great player, but not yet a replacement for my original Clip at least for my purposes until some issues are resolved.
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