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Unhappy Screen Problem: Software or Hardware?

So I admit, I haven't been quite is caring or gentle with my zune as I should. It's already gotten thrown on the ground, and I've jumped on it a couple times while it was in my pocket. I often forget to take it out of my pocket when I get rowdy. It got particularly beaten about yesterday, and I just began to notice a problem today.

So here's the problem. Occasionally - not every time - after I turn off the screen and leave the player on for a little while, when I go to turn the screen on again, it takes almost half a minute, and lots of pressings of the three buttons. The strange thing is, though the screen isn't lit, I can still interact with it (skip tracks, increase volume, etc.).

However, I also downloaded the firmware update a few days ago, so might this be a consequence of that? Has anyone else had problems with the screen since the update?

Thanks, Matthias

Sorry for the long post.
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I'm leaning towards hardware problem, and don't be sorry for the long post. You gave us awesome info to work off of.
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I have the exact same problem with my ZuneHD. It pissed me off today because I was trying to show someone how much more awesome the ZuneHD is than the Touch. I haven't abused my player though.

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I have experienced this problem both on 4.1 and the new 4.3 update. It is kind of frustrating when it happens. I hope it is a software issue more than anything. Microsoft hardware is known to have problems, not zune specifically, but Xbox360, and I also received a defective AV dock from them once, had to exchange it.
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Is it similar to the problem I have. I have had it since I got it.
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im starting to think that the screen on these things are EXTREMELY fragile. like even just a slight drop or hard shaking might be enough to partially unseat one of the connectors. i hope its software tho :/
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ok. thanks. hopefully it's just a software issue that will be fixed soon.
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