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Default Player memory full, but no files to be found

I've been using Rockbox and enjoying it, but from time to time, the bootloader/start-up, whatever, seems to become bugged, and the player fails to start. So, the only way I knew how to fix this was to do a fresh Rockbox install.

Well, the install fixed things up sure enough, but the problem is that it seems all of the songs I previously had on the player are still there (somewhere), but they do not show up at all when I'm looking in my player's drive in windows explorer.

In other words, I have a player with almost all 2GB of internal memory filled, but I have no clue where any of this space is going. I can't find and delete any files, so I just have a fresh install with basically no space to put songs.

I'm guessing the solution will be something to do with formatting, but I'd rather not fool around. If it makes a difference, I have a c250v2 that has the had the latest version of Rockbox as of a few days ago at least (1.2.3 or something...).

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