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Default How to solve the "no Space for DB" error message.

Some people have been asking for help in regards to the "No Space for DB" error message on the P3. This issue is caused by "._[name of file here]"files. These files are created by Apple's Mac OSX (I believe that they help the mac access the info in the "Get info" window, but I am not sure. also please note that these are NOT files used by Spotlight. Spotlight index files are placed in a hidden folder in the root of the P3 drive. if you delete this folder, or any of its contents, Spotlight will re-create the entire folder next time you plug the device into the mac.) I use OSX Leopard daily, and therefore have encountered this error message many times. Please use common sense when following this guide. I am not responsible for any data lost from this operation. That said, you should not run into any issues with this. I have done both ways successfully many times.

1. Plug your P3 into any Windows Computer (I use windows XP, vista or 7 may be a little different)

2. open a my computer or my documents window, and go to Tools>Options.

3. in the options window, go to the View tab, and enable the show hidden files and folders option. click ok.

4. go to Start and click on Search. when in the search, type in " ._ "

5. delete any/all the files that show up in the results of the search.

6. there you go! you should be all set!

Solution for OSX users

  1. Download the file attached below and unzip if necessary (safari usually does this for you)
  2. Mount the .dmg if you have to (again, safari is nice enough to do this usually) and install as shown.
  3. Any time you want to eject your P3 or any other flash drive style USB drive (like a MSC mp3 player or a USB thumb drive) just run this app and select your drive.
  4. The app will automatically delete any of the hidden resource crap and eject the device for you. It will even delete the old stuff that might have been on there from before, so you don't need to run the "dot_clean" app from terminal
  5. You must eject from this app if you want to make sure the device is clean because OSX will put stuff on there the next time you connect.
For more information, see this post:

(for windows and OSX options)
Now, your P3 may still give you the error message. if it does, back up ALL the files on your P3. when the back is complete, format the drive. (make sure that you are formating the P3 drive, and not any other. accidentally performing a format to the wrong drive may result in permanent data loss.)
in Windows: in my computer, right click the P3 drive, and click format.
in OSX: open Disk Utility, and use the erase option on the P3 drive.

now restore everything on your P3. if you performed the format operation in OSX, use the dot_clean command once again, just in case.
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