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Default Problem syncing with MediaMonkey

Whenever I try to sync my Clip with MediaMonkey, even though I have "Delete Tracks that aren't on the Auto-Sync list from the device" selected in the Auto-Sync Options, it doesn't delete the tracks from the player. Furthermore, when I re-sync to update my Clip because I've added new songs to a playlist in MediaMonkey, ALL the tracks from that playlist are uploaded to the Clip, even the ones that were already there. It's a real hassle, and I keep deleting everything off my Clip every time I update it, just so I can reupload everything all over again with the changes made.

Does anyone know what might be the issue here? I would normally take this up with MediaMonkey in their forums, but my other players (iriver clix and clix 2) both sync and delete just fine. It's only the Clip I'm having issues with for some reason.

Thanks in advance!
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I only use drag 'n drop in msc mode. Sansa is supported by WMP or Rhapsody, it may be Media Monkey just doesn't fully support the clip.
Someone who uses WMP or Rhapsody should relate if they have similar problems.
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I don't have this problem with the clip and have used MM to sync my clip for over a year. I use MTP mode which seems to behave better.
Are you using MSC or MTP? Have you at any point loaded music in the other mode?
Is "delete tracks that aren't on the auto-sync list from the device" the only option checked in auto sync options?
Are you syncing the whole library or are you doing playlists individually?
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yep if your clip is in msc mode and you loaded songs in mtp mode you can't even see them in file explorer.
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I'm currently in MTP mode, but until recently I just let it automatically detect whichever option it wanted to use. Even after formatting the device and setting it manually to MTP mode, it still won't delete my unwanted tracks.

On the Auto-Sync Options page, the only checked options are "Delete Tracks that aren't on the Auto-sync list from the device" and "Confirm deletion."

To sync, I've been going to Configure Device --> Autosync List tab --> Playlists tab, and then checking off the playlists I want. This has worked for previous players in the past (like my iriver a very long time ago), so I can't imagine what the problem might be...

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back!
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