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Default The Zune HD Firmware Wishlist

Compiled for Dave, here's the list of what Zune HD owners want to see added in firmware updates. Rules for the thread are simple - post in a reply what you want the Zune HD to be able to do. Every day or so I'll scan the replies, and add anything new to this master list. If you can, try to list what category you want it under, or make a new category for me to add to the list. With that said, here's the list:

Updated: 12/15/2009 7:43 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

= Not Fixed/Added
= Fixed/Added

Alarm Feature
.PLS Streaming
Higher Overall Volume
Sleep Feature With Timer
Ability to "Bookmark" Your Position In Audio/Video Playback, So That You Can Return To That Point After a Power Cycle
Automatic bookmark to save place when turned off
VOIP with hardware accessory to make it possible
Allow playback during wireless sync
Ability to disable Artist's Backgrounds, pictures, bios
Add more than 3 choices for brightness setting
Ability to rip Blu-Ray/DVD to 720p/480p (respectively)
Ability to use as external hard drive

Quickplay Tilt on device
Ability to clear new/history bars
Allow user artwork for Artist photos
Make "Marketplace" fit on the screen
Option to make clock viewable on all screens
Ability to customize UI, and download others customized UIs
Option to make battery charge indicator viewable on all screens
Allow the choice of photos from the Pictures section of the Artist Page
Add combo fuction to Media button (ie press twice pause, press twice again to play and long press to skip to next track)
Use accelerometer to change songs/videos
Visual representation of what preset EQ settings
Ability to increase size of album art
Option to enable automatic scrolling to better fit names of songs/artists/cd's on the screen when selecting music
Option to expand artist's albums, under "new" in quickplay menu, if multiple albums are added
Screen capture ability
Option to automatically change lock screen background at user-defined intervals from user-defined group of images
Option to boot directly to the main menu from power off state
Option to rotate input panel on all screens (marketplace search)

A/V Dock/Remote:
Access to Setting (for at least "Wireless" and "Display" options. For setting up wireless sync, and turning off video display with the remote.)
Start TV output with remote
Ability to browse through the music on Zune HD screen with the remote when docked and only using audio out(optical or analog)

Audio Playback:
A-B repeat
Custom EQ
Bass boost
Volume normalization
Add SmartDJ to the device
Add own artist artwork to now playing
Manipulation of playlists on the device
Assign EQ to specific tracks/genre/artist/etc
Management of timeline bar to quickly scan through a song
Option to have shuttle/volume controls on screen during playback
Automatically update AutoPlaylists on device (to reflect changes in rating)
Add Lyric Support
Audio playback visualizer
Dolby Headphone Technology (3d effect for stereo sources)
Ability to created and use user created screen savers

Audio Codecs/Containers:
OGG Vorbis

Update from device
Ability to check if update is available from device (at least know if device needs synced)
Ability to add podcasts item to now playing list

Ability to turn off HD radio entirely, to prevent going back and forth when in an area with poor reception
Ability to record and pause live radio feed
Weather-band Radio

Video Playback:
A-B repeat
video playlists
Ability to lock screen from accidentally touching it, perhaps a lock icon as an option with the volume/shuttle controls, so that way you'd have to press the side button, followed by a lock iton on screen to unlock the video player
Ability to Stream Video from PC/Internet(H.264,WMV)
Rotate video w/ accelerometer
Dolby Headphone Technology(simulated surround for dolby prologic encoded videos, and 3D effect for stereo endoded videos)

Video Codecs/Containers:
3GP for mobile Youtube
Add H.264 B Frame support

.GIF (static and animated)
Control how images are edited when synced (they are very low quality after being synced)
Ability to crop images and use them as wallpaper

Web Browser:
Flash support
Forward button
Tabbed browsing
Save files/images
Option to set homepage
Fix text input box entry
Improved HTML compatibility
Speed up JavaScript rendering
Speed up browser in general
Ability to edit favorites manually
Toggle to force desktop/mobile pages
Screen flickers when loading a taxing web page with white background, more evident when playing music
Allow keyboard to rotate while displayed
Add Unicode Support

Connect to ad-hoc networks
Connect to networks that require certificates
Connect to AP that is not broadcasting a SSID
Connect to WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise
Make wifi icon a toggle switch
Ability to allow device to device file sharing

Option to choose Available or All on device
Display what songs are mp3 or copy-protected in marketplace on device
Ability to click an artist to have an overview of all the tracks he or she featured on

Zune Client Software:
Edit device internet favorites
Choice of ad-supported or paid apps
Ability to view/manage files saved to the device
Portable version on Zune for on the go syncing away from main PC
User selectable video preview image
Show sync process (bytes remaining / total bytes / estimated time / current filename) on both software and Zune HD screen
Ability to display information about videos and their compatibility to sync with the Zune without conversion. If conversion is necessary why the video does not meet requirements.

Xbox 360 Integration:
Full Zune Client for Xbox 360
Fix Zune to Xbox 360 DRM issues

3rd party game/app submission
Allow all XNA-based games/content to be exited without rebooting the device
Allow use of Silverlight in SDK
3D API for SDK
Improve app loading and closing times
No more Ads before apps
Wifi support in SDK
Access to song visulization data in SDK(currently says "not implemented")
Install XNA games/apps from zune software without the need to install additional software
Categories for games/apps (like in the marketplace)
Load Game/App while showing ad

Things That Won't Happen:
AM Radio (the device only support sFM in hardware)

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