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Default Browser problems

I posted this on iAudiophile as well, but I figured that I'd try here as well for a wider response. I think I summed it up pretty well there;

Originally Posted by Lhefriel_Medies
I was fiddling around with some UCIs just recently and my browser broke completely. The problem first occurred after I updated my Claw's UI and then installed and uninstalled Nova's Square theme. The problems were as follows;

For a long time the song title and artists were displayed as long strings of Chinese and Korean characters. I fixed this by restoring the system defaults, but there were still problems in that the title and artist were "Unknown". I'm fairly certain that the issue is not with the tags since everything was working properly earlier today, and foobar2000 could read the tags when I had it plugged into the PC. I fixed it to an extent again when I played around with Bulk Rename Utility and got the database to compile, and when I did so the album titles started appearing again. Now the problem is that there are a bunch of strange duplicates in the browser; rather than just displaying an album once, it has it listed five or six times in a row. And then when I scroll down and back up, it's only listed once. And then the numbers keep changing. I've been messing around with it and there hasn't been any progress. I'm fairly certain it's not a problem with any UCI that I'm using, since I took them all off for the sake of testing it, and I am completely at a loss for anything to do. I tried everything that I thought of could work; that basically consisted of continually reinstalling the firmware, recompiling the database, and restoring the defaults so maybe it wasn't terribly productive.

Has anyone had this problem before? Google and forum searches turn up nothing, although I may be using the wrong terms.

EDIT: Messing around with it some more, I've found that I'm now unable to access anything but the default UCI. Extremely confused.

EDIT2: I forgot to mention, when I try to browse for pictures, every single folder in the directory is labeled "Music". Also, sometimes when I try to play music, which works, surprisingly, the album art for different songs gets mixed up.
I would really like help. Does anyone have any ideas?
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