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Default 8Gb Clip+ crash

My 8Gb Clip+ locked whilst scrolling through flac tracks within a couple of hours use. I'd charged, formatted and loaded "folders". Nothing I tried brought it back so it was returned to store and exchanged without problem. I've done exactly the same with the replacement...Is there something else I could have tried and just how widespread might be this problem, please?
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Did you try to "reset" the player by holding the on/off switch on the top for an extended period of time? I was just on the phone with Sansa support for the exact same problem and that's what the guy had me do. It took holding it down for about 30 seconds for it to come back up again, but it works fine now.

I had been understandably upset when my player crashed on me, as I'd had it less than three days and only used it for less than an hour.

Also, the guy from Sansa told me that this often happens when the player is over-charged and to make sure never to charge my player for more than three hours.
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Originally Posted by mon10 View Post
Btw.. Tried holding the power button for 15seconds and tried charging it through the wall + cpu. No luck! Does not turn on (for all 3 of them!)
In my experience, the Clip+ (and Clipv2) require holding the power button much longer than the Clipv1 (20 seconds or so), might be worth wasting 30 seconds!

Originally Posted by ListysDad View Post
My existing 8GB began to lock up at one particular track. I've just reformatted and reloaded to see if it makes any difference. Sounds to me like teher is a problem somewhere...
I also have several specific mp3s which make the Clip+ reboot, looks like Sandisk didn't do a great job when writing their firmware ..
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