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Default Zen Micro freezes when connected to usb

OK I finally received a compact flash card to replace the dead micro drive in my zen micro. You see a few years back my zen micro would freeze at the creative screen so i busted out the cavemen method and it worked for a while. Until one day i decided to take my zen apart just for exploration but forgot to take out those two little screws and applied a fair amount of pressure until I realized the screws were still in.

Ever since that whole fiasco whenever I connect my zen to anything that powers usb it freezes (both w/micro drive and Compact Flash). And since I tried reinstalling the firmware I'm stuck in recovery mode since the zen is unable to connect because of it freezing. While I am in recovery mode i'm able to do a clean up and format without any problems.

And while I was improperly opening the zen I did not hear anything snap nor did i notice any physical damage. I've done some serious work to get it fixed such as re soldering the usb and battery connector to the board and changing out the hard drive. I did notice that the zen will not freeze when there is no hard disk/ compact flash present.

Am I missing something simple or is their something seriously wrong that occurred when I improperly opened my zen?
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Default Fixed!

Ok so after many attempts to fix whatever was wrong I gave up on my unit and replaced it with a used one off of ebay for about $10. I decided to troubleshoot my broken zen by comparing it to the working one i received, but was unable to notice any serious physical damage except the usb connectors on the broken zen looked disconnected from the board.

I then decided to try a mix of the different boards ex. the broken zen sound board (that has the usb) and the working zen main board. I was now able to charge the zen, but wasn't able to connect to a PC. So I proceeded to use both working boards and had a working zen. I decided to used my original outer shell since the previous owner of the working zen had not properly taken care of his and the touch pad lost a lot of sensitivity.

I tried to salvage the other zen to use so i could charge the spare battery but not having any luck. Other than that My Zen is alive bigger and badder than ever since i now have a spare battery, charger, and case. All of which my original zen never came with. I hope that maybe my post can help some one out there with a dead zen. My route was long but for $10 and to step out of your comfort zone with opening up your zen you could fix any problem with it. Good luck and long live the Zen Micro.
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