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Default Screen bubble?

I just noticed about 5 minutes ago that in the middle of my screen there's a little rainbow bubble...(the best way I can describe it is that it's kinda like the windows of cars when the stuff bubbles but it's not white, you get a kind of rainbowy effect like soap bubbles where they have a multi-coloredness to them- or maybe a better example is like an oil spill where the surface is all..rainbow greasy colored. [Yea, I thought it was maybe just some fingerprints at first] except that O2 screen isn't nearly as extreme). It doesn't seem to affect the touch-screen interaction at all but when the O2 is off or the screen goes black, you see this weird rainbow bubble and if I touch it, the bubble seems to move from where I touch it (hence why I call it a bubble since it moves). 0_o I haven't heard of anyone having this type of problem before. It doesn't seem to affect visible quality on videos either unless the backdrop is black. I'm a little unnerved as to what I should do. Would Cowon do anything about it if I sent it back? (I've had my O2 for roughly 6 months now) TT_TT
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