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Default Sansa Clip+ feature request / bug fix list

  • Gapless playback: it's even mentioned in the manual, but the Clip+ doesn't play gapless. I managed to achieve gapless playback with a few FLAC files (not all), but no Vorbis or LAME MP3 files. Make the Clip+ gapless for all formats.
  • Volume level/scale: same as the old Clip v1, the volume levels are too loud on the lowest setting (especially the FM radio, which is insanely loud on vol. 1), and the whole volume scale isn't very well weighted.
  • Remove the SlotMusic "menu": I paid for the Clip+, and I don't need that obnoxious advertisement in the menu. Get rid of that useless spam when no SlotMusic card is inserted.
  • Pan/balance: Many people (including me) don't hear equally loud on both ears. Pan/balance would be highly appreciated - for me it's the 2nd most important (and basic) setting after the volume control.
  • Folder advance in folder browsing mode: The Clip+ only plays the chosen folder and doesn't advance to the next. It either loops the current folder or stops after the last track. There should be an option to make it play the next folder.
Feel free to add your suggestions to this list. Of course, it would also be nice to see the requests for the old Clip implemented in the Clip+ as well.
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