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Default Thinking of buying

As stated in the title I am thinking of buying a d2+. However, every time I buy a new mp3 player something goes wrong
So can you list any physical or nonphysical, problems that you have had.
What I really need to know is if it broke like: (these have happened to me)
1. I used to have a U3, I played it while going to sleep and put on the sleep timer so the battery would not die. When I woke up that morning it had bricked. I tried to recover it and it would not change. I believe this is because I put on the sleep timer and it did something funny
2. I have an Archos 605. When charging the power to my house flickered. This killed the usb part of the device,but it still works, just can not connect it to the computer. You probably would not know, but does the D2 handle things like this better.
3. Like in #1 has anything funny happened that made you use tcctools
4. the battery in my u3 could not hold a charge after having it for 3 months

I haven't fond answers on any forums.

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I have no idea what you "stated before."

1.) Sleep timer is for falling asleep - alarm is for waking up (the D2 has both)

2.) What?

3.) What?

4.) My battery has been fine for over 2 years. These issues are what warranty and RMA are for.

Maybe you should post a properly worded thread, with questions people actually understand.
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I edited the first post. I guess that is what I get for trying to avoid typing
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I have not had any problems with my D2, aside from MTP not working correctly, but I didn't really need MTP so it's not a big deal.

Also, my D2's screen has a small line of broken pixels in it, but I don't use it for movies and I am not bothered by it. It didn't come with the broken pixels, and they only appeared after about 3 months.

Some people have had problems with the D2, but most of the time it's just that it's a lemon, and Cowon will replace it, as long as it is still under warranty

just keep your receipt if you do get one, and keep it in a safe place.
Cowon iAudio D2 16gb (D2+ FW 2.11) + FiiO E5 + Head-Direct RE2s.
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