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Default Clip v1 vs. Clip+ - RMAA and Spectrum Analysis

EDIT: Here are the latest frequency response graphs with Rockbox, all is fine:

Here's the RMAA test, both Clip v1 and Clip+, loaded and unloaded:

Same as before - the Clip and Clip+ are very nicely performing players. The new Clip+ shows a tiny bit better results under load - at least on paper, probably not to anyone's ears.

Frequency response, perfect as ever:

Crosstalk, the weakest point of the Clip - and most other players under load:


And here's the Sound Forge 8.0 spectrum analysis results about the often mentioned "Clip and Clip+ playing too fast" issue. I've used a Blackman-Harris windowing function with a FFT size of 64k (best frequency resolution, least time resolution). All tests have been made with WAV, FLAC, Vorbis, and LAME. All codecs produced the same results. The soundcard used for recording the 1kHz sine wave from the players was an Echo AudioFire4.

Dark blue graph is the Cowon S9, playing perfectly at 1000Hz. Green is the Clip+ (FW 1.01.05P), playing at 1003Hz. Turquoise is the Clip v1 (FW 1.01.32A), playing at 1007Hz:

Here Rockbox on the v1 Clip is turquoise (999Hz), stock firmware x.32 is green (1007Hz):

Here's the same for 500Hz playback. Orange is Cowon S9 (exactly 500Hz), Green is the Clip+ (501Hz), Turquoise is the Clip v1 (503Hz):

Everyone should draw their own conclusions, but for me the whole "issue" appears to be very much negligible.
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