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Default Play List Creation On the Fuze In MTP mode

Someone posted a really confusing screenshot version of how to create Playlists in MTP mode on the Fuze. I'm very familiar with how to create MTP playlists and it left ME scratching my head and wondering why anyone would ever consider that easy or even possible. No screen shots but I think this version is easier to understand.

Originally Posted by WED View Post
When I use that technique, I can create any number of playlists, but for whatever reason the contents of all the playlists I create this way are the same as whichever is the last one I edited. For example, if I make a rock playlist and a hip hop playlist, the contents of the hip hop playlist overwrite the rock one if I edit it last. Any advice on how to make sure this doesn't happen?
I know this sounds very basic but be sure to tranfer the files in MTP mode. I have read several posts here and in other forums where someone has transferred in one mode and then can't see their music when they attempt to use it in the other mode. Pick MTP mode and stick with it. MTP file transfer, drag and drop or syncing with WMP, MediaMonkey or similar, creates the proper folder structure for playlist creation to work.

Once the files are on the Fuze,

1. Open TWO Windows Explorer windows.

2. In window 1 My Computer> Sansa Fuze> PPI Nand> Music>Album Name> Songs.

3. Right click and drag across the files for the playlist. Select the "Create Playlist" option.

4. Rename the playlist . Be sure not to change the .pla extension.

5. In the second Explorer window My Computer> Sansa Fuze> PPI Nand> Playlists. Open the Playlists folder.

6. Drag the renamed playlist from the from the first Explorer window to the opened Playlists folder.

In order to change the contents of the playlists once they are in the Playlists folder click on the list and drop tunes or albums into the opened References box. You can also delete tunes or change the order in the References box.

I have found that if you didn't have two windows open and then dragged the playlist directly to the Playlist folder it changed the references and all types of strange things could happen like changing the contents of all of your playlists to the one most recently accessed. I also have noticed that if you edited the playlist while it was still in the Music folder it would not always transfer reliably.

Notice the past tense. Once Rocbox got stable enough to run reliably on my Fuze I dropped MTP like a hot rock. MTP does work(sometimes ) but I much prefer MSC. With the right software it "just works".

I know the purpose of the original thread was to create playlists without additional software but if you have a V1 you might consider Rockbox. You can easily create playlists that include the main memory and the memory card. The version for the Fuze is being called "unstable" but it has been running rock solid on my Fuze for several months. You haven't heard half of what a Fuze is capable of in the SQ department until you tweak the Sound Settings in Rockbox. Gapless playback alone brings a whole new level to my listening pleasure.

Also if you are interested in dropping MTP for MSC or have a V2 you can try the video4fuze software you can find in the Sansa forums. The video part is still a little buggy and has too many prerequisites for me to feel comfortable with the program but it does have the ability to create .pla playlists from files transferred in MSC mode.

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