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Default Solved: Podcast playback in chronological order Clip+

I saw all the solutions using playlists and editing the id3 tags before uploading to the player. I didn't like them because they seem like too much work and I'm lazy.

Simply put you use Media Monkey to automatically downlaod the files and rename them. Then you use the folder playback option on the Clip+. The idea is that you rename the podcasts so that they are DateTitle.mp3. For example 2009-09-28-BOL 1072- Mustache-twirling jerks at AT&T.mp3

The system isn't perfect if you want to have music and podcasts you are going to have to do some extra steps to sync the files to the right folder.

Slight Problem I can't post < and > next to words it looks like I'm trying to drop in code and the Forum Software Wont allow it I've replaced all of them with { and } respectively. Just replace them with < >

1) Open Media monkey, plug in your Clip+ and click on the drop-down arrow next to the little black MP3 player. You will see the options of Auto Sync, Sync Selected, SANSA CLIPP (or in MTP mode Sansa Clip+ 4GB) Safely Remove Device and at the bottom Configure Device. Click on Configure Device.

2) Go to the Last Tab is labeled Device Configuration. The first box is labeled Sync Tracks To: , This is where Media Monkey gets COOL.
What you want in that box is: \Podcasts\{Date}-{Title} It saves all audio files to the player in the Podcasts folder and changes their filename to the Date from the ID3 tag and the Title of the song/podcast. For example The latest episode of Buzz out loud gets transfered as 2009-09-28-BOL 1072- Mustache-twirling jerks at AT&T.mp3 and is placed in the Podcasts folder.

3) Don't forget to set up Media Monkey to download all of your Podcasts. Media Monkey will Import your OPML file. However for some reason you don't get a list of previous podcasts when you import an OPML file. To subscribe to a new podcast right click on the purple fan podcast button and click "subscribe to podcast" and paste the URL in the top line.

4) Normal browsing of songs and podcasts in the Clip+ is based off of the information in the ID3 tag. So information like artist album genre aren't affected by changing the filename or the Hierarchy of the folders. BUT the new firmware in the Clip+ allows you to browse the music by folders.

5) On the Sansa Clip+ you go to the Music menu and scroll to the Folders option scroll to the Podcasts folder click on it and then Click Play All. The Clip will playback the files based on their file name (i.e. 2009-09-28-BOL 1072- Mustache-twirling jerks at AT&T.mp3 ) and play back in standard alpha-numeric order, which in our case is Chronological Order.

6) If you want more Options: in Media Monkey Device Settings->Device Configuration->Sync Tracks to: section the Button that looks like this >> will give you a drop down menu with all of the options. You can stack them however you want Personalize and Enjoy

Here is the problem if you want to use Media Monkey to Sync your music files as well they will also be sent to the Podcasts Folder and that is No Bueno.

Option A) In Media Monkey Device Settings->Device Configuration->Sync Tracks to: change \Podcasts\{Date}-{Title} to \Music\{Genre}\{Date}-{Title} . Now when you play back the podcasts you would go to Music->Folders->Music->Podcasts->Play All. When you want to play back music you would just go to the music menu and search my artist and album the normal way.

Option B) The sansa Clip can be Changed from MTP to MSC mode these show up as two different profiles on Media Monkey. You select the mode by going on the Clip+ to Settings->System Settings->USB mode and select one.
i) So you would configure MTP (user friendly mode) to handle the music files and set it's sync folder (Device Settings->Device Configuration->Sync Tracks to to \Music\{Filename}. This is the default setting.
ii) Then change the USB mode to MSC ("Mass Storage Device" mode) and plug it into Media Monkey. Now configure the Sync Folder as Described in step 3).

Option C) Leave the Device in MSC mode and just transfer files the old fashioned way using File Explorer. The only difference here is that you want to set up the podcasts to download and save the filename in a similar way as listed above. Edit-}Options-} look in the left hand column for podcasts. Once there the second option is Download podcasts to: for me it is E:\My Documents\My Music\Podcast\{Date}{Title} , But put the files wherever it make since to you

It seems to work for me I just open Media Monkey let it automatically download the Podcasts. Then I hit F5 to refresh and see the new podcasts select the new, right click, Sync to: Clip+.

This Little Tutorial turned into something much too big
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