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Default Potential S9 buyer

Hello all,

I've been doing some research on the S9, as I'm interested in getting a new mp3 player. I just wanted to run some thoughts and/or questions by before I commit to buying one. I apologize if these questions are addressed in other areas of the forum - although I've tried looking through the threads and most of my questions have already been answered, I may have not noticed some other threads.

Firstly, I'll start off by saying that I'm a fairly picky listener, though I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm an audiophile. I currently have a 2GB Samsung YP-K3 (the version with custom EQ and DNSe) and Shure SE115 headphones. I bought an iPod touch and an iPod classic recently and hated the sound quality of both, so I returned them...both were totally tinny and lifeless...even compared to a sub-$100 player like my tried-and-true Samsung.

So, my first question is, how would my 2 year old Samsung's SQ compare to the BBE/etc of the S9? In general, how have Samsung's players compared to the S9?

Next, is an interface question. I downloaded the Virtual S9 program for UCI development, and noticed that when you hit the library button in the Now Playing screen for music, it takes you back to the full library view. However, on youtube reviews I've noticed that it takes you to the folder you were previously viewing (ie, the album of the song you're listening to). Which is it? I'm betting the latter, which I would prefer...I don't want to have to re-navigate through my folder structure if all I want to do is change artists using a back button.

Secondly, I'm used to a small form factor (as is evident in the YP-K3), and I'm curious as to how the S9 compares in overall portability. I may be splitting hairs here, but even when I had my iPod classic it felt much more bulky. A few mm's in thickness and width made a big difference. However, I suppose the 150+ gram iPod will feel different than the 77gram S9. I've heard that although it's made of plastic, the build quailty is above average and shouldn't be a problem for careful users.

Lastly, I'm generally curious about the marketplace at the moment. I'm in Canada, and right now I have the option to buy a 16GB for $201USD or a 32GB for $264USD. I have about 35GB of music, though I find having it all on my MP3 player at once is overbearing. point is, since they're on sale right now, does that mean they'll soon be replaced with an entirely new model, or are the lower prices in response to the recent release of the third generation iPods? It's tough to tell with these things, because I can never tell when the right time to buy is.

Right now my Samsung works fine, and I'm just dabbling because a part of me thinks an S9 will be a great improvement. Another part of me just wants to wait until my Samsung dies before I spend money on a new player.

What do you guys think? Will the differences be worth it, or should I wait until a new generation comes out, or until my Samsung dies?

Sorry if this is very long....any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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