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Arrow Right Solutions to the p2's poorly made headphone jack

I started out with my p2 about a year ago and everything went dandy. I also found out that I had friends with p2's which made it even better. Well i'm sitting at my desk now looking at parts from 3 dead mp3 players and Iím pretty sure theyíre mocking me. I managed to get a better jack that was more secure than the Samsung one but due to the fact I had to solder a tiny stand of steel wool onto an even tinier capacitor it was ultimately unsuccessful.

Ruling out Bluetooth headphones and soldering onto the area the jack was, is there any other leads I can use? I was thinking of using the headphone out leads on the connector but it would help if there was anywhere else more accessible (yes I know about the supposed line out leads and ill test them with headphones tomorrow but I really doubt it will work as I donít have a tiny amplifier).

If you need any more information or pictures just ask as iím writing this at 12:30 pm and details arenít the most prominent thing on my mind.

p.s if I canít get the jack sorted out does anyone have any cool ideas for a bricked p2? Photo frame maybe?
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How about you send it to Samsung... they would be able to help you, although it would cost you some dough... You always can sell it for spare parts, but don't expect too much money from that... unless you sell it with a pair of bluetooth headphones included... it certainly would sweeten the deal and you could sell it as a fuctional player... good luck!

Thinking outside the box... you could use it as a USB key... as a recorder (No way to listen to them though) or as an e-book reader ... please don't remove the screen to put a paper picture in the P2... I hope that by picture frame you meant a picture frame with the LCD screens that change picture once in a while...
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LOL dont worry. im just gonna get the HD and use the p2 for parts. in fact i incorporated it into the side of my touch screen as a photo viewer.
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