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Angry Video format problems and lyrics

Okay, I've had my NWZ-X1050 for 2 days now. And already it's giving me a major headache D:

How the heck do I make videos work on it?? One little note: I've read all possible 'instructions' and tried out every converter, from A to Z, and still it keeps showing me the "Format not supported" error message. For a slightest second I wanted to throw it into the wall and smash it, BUT then I remembered I spent too much money on it. Oh, joy.
The biggest question among all is why the hell Sony hasn't made a video converter for their WALKMANs like Meizu had(yeah, my previous mp4)???

And secondly:
Does this s*it support lyrics? I'm 99.9% sure it doesn't, but there's still hope :|

I can only say that if this s*it had the option for eBooks and lyrics, and special converter, I'd be so damn happy I'd probably headbang for the rest of my miserable life.
Sigh, not that I don't like the mp4... it's just giving me a major headache, like I said before...

Thanks in advence...
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Not sure about lyrics...

But you can try looking in this thread here to get videos to work.
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Don't despair! This is the best sounding pmp I've come across, although it takes a while to get use to it.
1) To transfer music, I use MediaMonkey. This software is very easy to use and it transfers music files to NWZ-X1050 without fuss, including album arts.
2) To convert video, I use Tipard Sony Ericsson Video Converter (www.***********) and create a User Define Profile for use to convert video to NWZ-X1050 with the following settings:
a) Video Settings:
Encoder : H.264
Frame Rate : 30 fps
Resolution : 432 x 240
Video Bitrate : 640 kbps
b) Audio Settings:
Encoder : AAC
Sample Rate 44100 Hz
Channel : 2 Channel Stereo
Audio Bitrate : 128 kbps ( good for music video, for movie use a lower bitrate)
3) Unfortunately, lyrics is not supported in the sense that you cannot view lyrics in the display.

Hope the above is of use to you.
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If you're still struggling, this might help too
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Frankly, I was expecting the error message, like always, even more because the video format is .mp4, but it turned out to work perfectly! Thank you, benong!
But I really miss few things from my Meizu, like sleep timer, the ability of showing the lyrics and eBooks... :| sigh, well, I guess I can't really have everything.
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Hi,i have tried loads to convert video & most work OK(plenty of info on here).You can try Ripbot & others to play around a bit more,Res's,bitrates etc.Must admit most still look good(DVD's)on a small screen,so?
One thing prob if your using WMP,iTunes etc,etc,it could cock things up? ie if its auto do owt on your PC/MP3 Player etc.
Couple of posts about audio books etc,on here.

Cheers BOB
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i've been using thusing the settings above but it doesn't come up in full screen but in 320x240 it does is this happening for anyone else??
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error, lyrics, video converter

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