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Default D2+ GUI - easy to use with one hand while driving?

I have been very interested in the Cowon D2 but heard that it had a cumbersome GUI that required two hands to use easily and wasn't that safe to use while driving (compared to other players that is... obviously caution must be used in doing anything while driving!)

Probably 95% of the time that I use it I will be in my car driving to and from work.

But that was some months ago before the D2+ was released. Does the d2+ interface fix these problems?

None of the local stores carry the D2, and none of my friends have it (they all have ipods), so I have no way to see it in person.

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hello there, i wouldn't recommend it dude though the GUI isn't all that bad. i'll say this though Browsing though the Music List with one finger is a breeze to me but for others well that's there opinion. the Shuffle Feature isn't all that man (Just sayin). it'll play the same song over after a few other songs been played Ex: Track 1-4-6-16-1 so forth. it really bugs a lot of us and i don't think COWON is going to look into this sadly. idk about the S9 though man, have a look at the O2. the screen is big enough and should be welcomed into one's Car
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I think a player with a bigger screen would suit your needs better, as I have a hard time reading it unless it's very close to my face. (6" to 1') and it wouldn't be a very good car player, you may want to try something like the Samsung P2 or P3, or maybe the S9. I don't know about these players' interfaces, so I can't say whethere the interface would be better or not. The d2's is not very one hand friendly if you're trying to drive though.
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Hey stridr,

I use the D2+ in the car all time and it seems to work OK, no accidents so far!

My car actually has a small shelf in front of the radio display which provides good support for one-handed operation. When needed, and road conditions permitting, I'll hold the D2 and steering wheel in my left hand and run the UI with the right. (I won't tell you how many hands I have on the wheel when I roll cigarettes while driving.)

While on the road, I actually enjoy listening to entire albums rather than trying to hunt for specific songs on the fly. Therefore the small type and UI operation is never a big issue.

Whatever you do, be safe!
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I think the D2's interface is excellent and easy to use and learn. However, I think any touch screen player will be more difficult to use while driving than one with buttons.

If all you want to do while driving is change songs and adjust the volume then it does have buttons to do that. Anything further needs two eyes and is hard to do with one hand.

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I would say it's not the easiest, but the buttons do help ease it. Basically you can program the top buttons to play/pause skip and go back when the player is on hold. That helps a good bit
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