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Old 09-23-2009, 04:39 PM
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Help Possible Screen Problem? Darker spots on some black backgrounds

I've never posted here before, but you guys seem like a knowledgeable bunch, so I'll ask my question.

I love the Zune HD, but I've noticed something on mine that's driving me crazy. In a few very specific conditions, there are portions of the screen that are darker than others. By way of comparison, the pattern is almost like the orangepeel effect you can get on devices when using poorly applied screen protectors, except in my case it's concentrated in the upper left corner and down the left side - the rest of the screen is fine. The conditions that cause this for me include:
  1. A very dark room. Completely black is preferable, but something a little lighter may do. The problem certainly isn't noticeable in normal lighting conditions.
  2. Close proximity to the Zune HD. Two feet away is probably the upper limit.
  3. Some (not all) black backgrounds. Ones that I've noticed are:
    • the screen with the Zune logo when first starting the player
    • a few of the menus under settings. Particularly ones where there are few options and therefore little text, leaving lots of empty space
    • the low battery screen when starting the player with a low battery. This is the screen that shows the battery icon in the middle
    • the web browser. Start the browser then immediately cancel the page load before it loads the default home page that comes with the Zune - you should get a black background
I say some black backgrounds because it isn't present in all of them. These dark spots disappear whenever something bright gets in their general vicinity (it doesn't even have to be that close to the spots.) In general use, the player looks fine except for maybe a few seconds when the screensaver is mostly black when it starts up.

Does anyone have this problem? I love the Zune so much I'd hate to have to send it back already.
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