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Default my S9 doesnt sound as good as my D2

hello . i was proud user of D2 for 2 years and i decided to buy new s9. to be honest i am not impressed as much as the reviewers around are. especially cnet. for first. wolfsonchip used in s9 is actually older then one being used in d2(!!!!).
SQ of s9 is kinda not good. i am mostly metal/hard rock listener atm , and i dont like higher-mid frekvencies too strong, especcialy loud vocals and some guitarrs( i tweaked eq many many times with no pleasing results).if anyone experienced the harsh effect of ''S'' in some singer's voice, then this is similar, except its in middle. the result of this is , that it kinda overshadow some details which i am missing from d2, because its way too overpowered. is it possible my s9 has internal dac/amp error? i bought it from amazon, so i can still return it, and try buy new one from diff website. pls note , that it still sounds kinda fine, but not as good as my d2. thanks
P.S. is possible , that after burn-in my s9 ( 300h+) it wil be just fine?
my setup is decent : S9--> Fiio E5 --> Grado SR125.

off topic i wanted to test it myself on Right Mark Audio Analyzer , but idk how
edit: well i bought new model from sennheiser HD238 open type headphones designed specifically to flat eq,since they r meant to be used that way. synergy with s9 is better then with d2. on the other hand d2+fiio e5+grado sr125 is superb

edit: to be more specific i found frequency range in mids that r overpowered ,almost resonating. It is range between 1Khz-1.5Khz. i carefully tested my music on foobars spectrum visualization. and i found that heavy female vocals r in that range. so i basically edited s9 equalizer. narrow -3dB at that range. its bit muddy for first listening, but after a while i get used to and overall annoying passages was sounding much more ballanced.

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