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Default Can't get my head round album art problems

Hey sitting here looking at my S9 32gb I decided to treat myself to after a long time checking out the forms for the best and what I have heard from it so far they were right 100% but I'm now feeling I may be a little out of my depth due to not knowing where to start .
Ive sync some cd's from wmp onto it which went fine just could't get the art to come too which is where i'm stuck?? Ive checked out what people say about attaching jpeg to the folders but just dont understand. Also have spent hours each night trying to work out the Cowon media centre but just don't know what I'm doin and the missus is getting pretty peed with me living on the Pc each nite when I get in from work. I may be getting on a bit and my IT skills a little non exsistant but would love to be able to get the full from my new toy. If anyone could point me in a direction for a simple old guy to get things moving that would be realy cool.
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Cowon players don't recognise the album art wmp adds to it, in fact neither does mp3tag, so I don't have a clue what wmp is doing there. It's a crap programme, I'm regretting having used it to rip my albums and am slowly re-doing them with EAC (which is free to download).

Mp3tag is also free software you can download, google it and download it.

When you install it make sure you check the tick box to have a right-click context menu. Can't remember the exact wording of that option but it should be obvious.

Once installed, if you right click on any album folder mp3tag will be an option, select it.

Find the album art you want to add on google image, amazon, whatever. Right click on the image and click on 'copy'.

Go back to mp3 tag, select all the tracks (Ctrl+A) then right click on the album art square bottom left and click 'paste'.

Now hit the save icon or Ctrl+S before deselecting the tracks this is important.

There you go - the album art is embedded.

Another method is to save the image and drop it into the album folder having named it 'cover'.

MediaMonkey is another programme that some use, but I don't so can't give you a rundown of how that works.
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Survivor man,

I'd add to this, if you aren't tech savvy, the simplest and most clear cut way of managing your digital audio collection is to use MSC not MTP mode.

There's more to it than this but in the simplest terms this means dragging and dropping, rather than syncing.

Synching, for me, is a terrible invention. What is simpler than your player acting like any folder on your computer, and just dropping your music collection into it the same way you'd move any file from one place to another on your computer. Why do companies like apple, creative, microsoft etc think handing all your control over to a computer programme makes things in anyway easier on you. I hate it.

Now, your missus might not like this , but it's worth while putting a bit of time in and making a coherent and tidy file structure, making sure everything is named and tagged the way you want it. It'll take a bit of time, but it'll be pristine forever and if you get a system all your new music will go into, you'll end up with a flawless and ordered collection.

Some players get confused by the way tracks are tagged, or the way the files are named. Luckily as you've used WMP to rip, one thing it does do right is the naming of files. Cowon players seem to like tracks to be named

01 First Track
02 Second Track

And so on, and you should already have this in place.

They also like the tags to use the 01-10 format rather than 1-10, if that makes sense. MP3 Tag will do that automatically for you. Select all the files (make sure they're in order on the screen) and hit the obvious icon with the numbers on it. Select the option for a leading zero.

Making sure that the tags are right (while I don't really use them) is worth doing as well. An example of bad tagging is where you have the same artist written different ways -

Beatles, The
The Beatles
the beatles
the Beatles

Your player will read five artists. Messy.

In terms of filing structure, it's entirely up to you. My suggestion is to have artist surnames first, and bands with "the" as a prefix reversed as well - for example:

Zappa, Frank
Beatles, The

So you get the correct alphabetical order

Inside the artist folder album folders labeled with the album year first then a hyphen so -

1965 - Bringing It All Back Home

So that they will be listed in chronological order...

Then the tracks inside.

All of the above is just suggestions, it's just you say you're new to this and not very tech savvy - neither was I when I first got a Cowon and would have appreciated someone laying all this stuff out for me like this. Hope it doesn't come across as patronising.
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Hope it doesn't come across as patronising.

Not at all EddieE what you have laid out is spot on! . I will be down loading EAC as soon as I get in tonight (wife will be sweet ) and start playing & sorting my files from the out set as you say. Luckly Ive been holding back from downloading any more tunes as I had a feeling I may be better starting a-fresh when I managed to get my head around it so only installed about 12 albums so far so i'll get shot of them.
I must say I really appriciate the info/help you have given hopfully It will set me on the road to blissfull harmany with my S9 you are one cool geezer .

Hopfully be the last you'll hear from me for a while now as I'm going to be busy.
Well until its time for me to think about videos!
Many thanks again.
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No worries survivor man, I'm on a learning curve myself being quite new to digital music, if I've got anything wrong hopefully someone will correct. :-)

Should clarrify though that the reason I'm re-ripping with EAC isn't album art related, you'll still have to add it the same way I explained.

It's because it uses LAME VBR encoding which varies the bit rate throughout the track according to how much information any one part of the track actually needs. This gives the best quality file at the lowest possible size.

With WMP you rip 320kbps and it rips every little bit of it in 320kbps, when in reality most parts don't need that. It essentially means my music collection is taking up far more memory than it actually needs.

On top of this - S9 has a problem with gapless with WMP ripped files, but plays LAME encoded files with perfect gapless.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Probably this is known to others, but here's a couple of things I found about album art issues with my new S9:

1. If the file name is too long the art won't display: My album art files are generally named [Artist] - [Album].jpg. For "The Beatles - Rubber Soul.jpg" no problem, for "The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Extended Revelation For The Psychic Weaklings Of Western Civilization.jpg", no album art. Shorten to "TSOOL - Extended Revelation.jpg", remove the album art from the tag, re-add with the shorter name, album art shows on S9.

2. A long time ago I tagged a bunch of albums with album art saved as bmp instead of jpg. No problem in any desktop programs or my old Creative Zen V, but apparently bmps don't show on the S9. Replace with jpgs, no problem.
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here's what I know about album art on the S9
media monkey works, just not the perfectly

mm will leave album art in order of being added
so, if you have album art tagged then you add album without deleting any previous art, you it still won't show up on the S9

mp3tag is more straight forward
within mp3 highlight all files in the folder (Ctrl+A), right click
click x on the right side of the dialog box to delete artwork
keep clicking x until nothing shows up
then add your album pick, it will show up now.

media monkey will also work, but there are added steps because mm will ask for confirmation on any deletion of artwork, so it's best to us mp3tag if you want to delete artwork that is unrecognized by the S9 because it doesn't ask for the confirmation, it does it without any prompts.
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A few tidbits I'd like to add. I've been organizing my very large digital media for several years, now. First off, to answer the WMP question - it creates two hidden files called "AlbumArtSmall.jpg" and "Folder.jpg". The latter is 200x200.

I use MSC and organize my music manually. It's a PITA to setup, but when it's done it works great. It's also easy to move between music managers, since the structure is in the file system and not the music manager itself.

I organize with this folder structure, because I have a huge music selection:
Genre \ Artist \ Album \ Tracks (named "01 - Title", "02 - Title" etc.).

In each album I have a file called "cover.jpg", which is at least 240x240. That file works fine for Cowon players, it works for recent versions of Rockbox. And, it works for software players like Amarok, Rhythmbox and Songbird.
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