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Default Is the S9 for me?

So I'm sitting here listening to music and looking at my little-used iPod and realizing that I'm tired of just dicking around on this and I NEED something to change. In March I bought 120gb iPod Classic and quickly fell into all kinds of issues trying to manage it with something other than iTunes. I HATE iTunes. I hate the way it wants to make a manual sync as time-consuming as possible. I hate how much space it takes it up. I hate how I have to make and go into a library where every song from my hard drive, cds, etc must exist, rather than being able to go into the folder I want, put music on, and being done with it. I admit it, I'm an old-school control freak who wants to do everything by "hand" with a minimum of drama.

Yes, the iPod Classic has tons of room on it, but I've finally decided it's not worth it for the kind of frustration that led me to stick my ipod on my desk and only recently finally turn it on again for the first time in at least 2-3 months. After a bit of research, I'm thinking of investing in a Cowon S9 as Amazonhas them at a reasonable price. I just have a few questions to get out of the way before I plunk down ANOTHER few hundred dollars only to be dissappointed.

1. I want to use Winamp to put music on my player. I'm pretty no-frills; I don't need plays. I'm the type who's happy to have the thing on shuffle while I'm driving or sitting around at home, and or just got put on a particular song if that's waht I want to hear. So I don't think I'm going to be making any playlists. Winamp allows me to manualy put music on a device quickly. Will the S9 allow for this without a lot of headaches? On my iPod, if I go into Winamp to clear up some of the tasts (taking track numbers out of a song title for example), I would go into iTunes for something and all my changes would be completely undone?

2. Does the S9 support unicode/asian language fonts? I have a good number of Japanese/Korean songs on my computer and that is literally the only thing that kept me from buying a Zune this past paycheck.

3. Is it hard to find decent accesories from the S9, such as an adapter, car charger, etc? My commute to work is so short and I give myself such a small window between waking up and walking out the door that I probably wouldn't be using it much driving to/from work, but it would be nice for roadtrips like the one I'm going on tomorrow.

4. Do you find 32GB to be "enough?" This is really going to be a different from each person, but I'm curious. I'm probably overestimating how much space I would need. My friend is hovering around 5,000 songs on an 80GB iPod, and that is something like a fourth of what it holds.

5. I hear a lot about the S9 having a difficult or user-unfriendly user interface. Can anyone elaborate on that?

If anyone could help me out here, I would really appreciate it! I'm really going to be thinking a lot about this while I'm out of town this weekend (sans iPod), during which time I'll definitely be checking back here.
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