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Default Adjustable Playback Speed?

Thinking about getting a Zune HD, and have a question about something I would love for podcasts and audiobooks. Does the Zune HD support adjustable playback speed? I don't see it in the desktop app, but it has been supported for a long time in WMP. I consume a bunch of podcasts and audiobooks and like to listen to them at anywhere from 1.2-1.4x speed. WMP is great, as it keeps the tone level (no chipmunk sound).

I'm using a Sansa Clip for my podcasts and audiobooks these days, and while it has speed settings, it doesn't adjust tone so I never use it. I believe the ipods have supported this well for a long time, too.

If the Zune had this, it would make my decision to pick one up a bit easier
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Not likely, the previous Zunes were not very generous with customizble options. The P3 however has exellent playback speed controls.
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Same goes for the the Cowon S9. (Same as the P3, not the Zune. )
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Thanks for disappointing me, but maybe helping my wallet

I'll take a wait and see approach and see how the app and game support goes.
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