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Default Mod/paint my stone

hey guys i have a small dilemma, i got a great deal on a 2 GB stone with speaker (not a plus) at The Source (Circuit City) in Canada for $20. i absolutly love how light and convenient this player is. however by waiting until so late in the shelf life of the zen stone, i bought the only one that was left in my district, and of course it was pink.

and its not even the cool color of pink its like a baby pink so so far it has stayed in my pocket but for working out at university i would like to strap it to my arm.
i got a translucent white skin for it along with a clip but the pink still shows through.
so basically im looking for a way preferably under 20$ to change the color of it while keeping the functionality of the player, here are my idea's so far
  • Spray paint the player with tape to cover the controls/jacks. problems with this include losing the nice original feel of the player and risk of damaging it
  • paint the skin. this is difficult because the skin is dynamic paint that will stretch is somewhat rare
anyways what im askin you guys is if you can think of a feasable way to change the color to like a black or more manly color
thanks alot
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