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Default Headphones for Mixing and Listening?

Hey, all. I'll try to make this brief because I like to talk peoples ears off about this stuff. I haven't owned a stereo in years and years that I simply enjoyed just listening to. On the other hand, I am studying to become a recording engineer, and I have too poor of a system for quality mixing. I'm a student too busy to work much, making minimum wage only a few hours a week, so we can't think of anything too grandiose. I am considering headphones because I believe the sound quality to be greater than I could get with book shelf speakers or studio monitors at the same price point. What I want to buy: a pair of headphones neutral enough for listening (rock, jazz, classical) and accurate enough for mixing. My budget is slightly flexible. I have $200 right now for headphones (cash from a returned birthday present). I can get more, but it takes time. Maybe I could buy some headphones around that price range or a little above, and a couple months down the road I could purchase a decent headphone amp and dac. My computer and recording interface will be my sources. I found it easier to mix on my dad's Grado SR80 headphones than any book shelf speakers I have, and the SR80 is only $100. I have been thinking about middle of the road Grados, Sennheisers, or AKG, maybe even the Grado 325is or the Sennheiser HD650. It would be convenient if they were a closed design so I could record with them too, but since I wouldn't want all my musicians wearing my listening cans, I should probably buy some $40 closed muffs down the road at some point anyway. What have you got for me?
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