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Default Disassembly Guide: Samsung P3

This will cover taking apart a Samsung P3, model used is a Samsung P3 32GB Black from BH Photo Video.

Tools used:
Electronics screw driver set

This guide should only be used if you do not care about the product warranty or your device's warranty has elapsed. Onto the guide then.

The screw cover is between the power/hold and the minus volume button. you can use a flat head screwdriver from the electronics screw

driver set. Or you can pick at it with a fingernail. You can pick at it from the screen side and it will come out.

Once the cover is out, it will show the only screw. It is a VERY short screw which can be lost if your not careful.

Once the screw is out, place the P3 screen down. Push and slide the metal backing in the direction of the buttons. It will look like


Once you take the back cover off you can see the insides.

At this point, you can seperate the PCB by disconnecting the 2 connectors and use the screw driver to remove the 2 screws. Angle the

board and slide it out slowly. The LCD screen molex is attached to the underside, once disconnected you can flip the board over.

The battery is connected by the underside. You will need a small spatula to remove the battery from the metal frame.

To disconnect the LCD, you will need to disconnect the metal frame from from the chrome plastic. There are 5 screws on each side.

There is 1 screw that will be very difficult to remove, it will be located on the left side. The screw is partially covered by the

rumble/speaker assembly. You can shave some of the black plastic to get at the screw or you will need to seperate the assembly with a

small spatula.

Once all the screws are removed, you can detach the LCD from the chome plastic. At that point you can clean the LCD.

I didn't get around to removing the last screw. So there isn't any pictures of the LCD and inside of the glass touch screen.

It is relatively a short guide. This ends the guide.


Nand ID guide to identify the Nands used:

The 8GB and 16GB use single NAND modules located on the underside of the PCB.

The board is by assumption, that it is capable of 2 32GB NAND modules with a total 64GB possible.

The boards are also dated with the production date. The board in this P3 has a date of 2008.10.06.

CPU identified:
Telechips TCC7901 : click here

DRAM identified:
EOREX EM48AM3284LBA-75F : click here

NAND identified:
K9PDG08U5M-LCB0 (There are 2 16GB NAND in the 32GB P3) : click here

Bluetooth and FM identified:
BCM2048 : click here

Unidentified chips:
8819AE TI920 NTAE
WM1800G 8BCDPLS (most likely the sound processor, visible wave pattern printed on top of chip)

Battery identified:
610mAh 3.7V Polymer Lithium Ion battery : click here
(There is no visible power circuit attached to the battery)

The glass screen's senors can be seen as dots and 4 rows of diagonal lines connecting them.
From what I can see there are 6 columns and 10 rows

Thanks goes to logik for finding the where the screw was hidden.

Photobucket directory:

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