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Lightbulb Clip+ ID3 tag problem/solution

I bought this little guy on a whim the other day, seeing it pop up on CNet. I really, really like it. It's tiny, it has expandable storage, and does the job for way less than most manufacturers want to charge for mp3 players.

However, I've had the worst time trying to get this thing to work on Ubuntu (Linux). I've used three different methods of getting files onto it (Banshee, Exaile, and pure drag-and-drop), and everything I tried continued to screw with the tags (which otherwise displayed perfectly on the computer iteslf), so that artists like "Simon and Garfunkel" ended up being "Simon and Garfunke", certain albums turned up as "Unknown", and Over the Rhine's double album "Ohio" had some tracks in the right order, and others randomly interspersed throughout. Needless to say, it's been frustrating. I searched all over for answers; I used EasyTAG to convert all my tags to ID3.v2.4, stripped them of their ID3v1 tags, jumped through hoops to try to make sure everything was exactly right. I formatted the player several times to get rid of the couple of MTP tracks that it came with. I deleted (from the player) and futzed with the tags on my music about twenty times over the course of the last few days. I was starting to lose hope. Many albums were fine, but many others were messed up in different, surprising ways.

I had two things left to try: install Amarok 2.2 beta (2.1 was so bad it made me look elsewhere for a music player), or boot into Windows and see what WMP11 could do with it. Thankfully, before I did this, one last solution came to mind.

I converted all 3000+ of my tracks to ID3v2.3 (downgrading from 2.4), and lo and behold, everything is PERFECT.

I don't guarantee this will work for everyone. I have a theory as to why it does work: ID3v2.4 apparently puts some tags at the end of the file like ID3v1, and I know that the Clip+ doesn't like ID3v1 tags....but that's only a theory, and a pretty loose one at that. Regardless, after having spent many days and many hours and much brainpower on the problem, I'm happy that I've found a solution. To be honest, it's sad that so much effort was required, and I suppose that's why Apple continues to have such a huge share of the market. But I'm still happy with my Clip+, still don't like Apple, and wanted to share something that worked for me. Let me know if this solves your problems too. =)
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