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Default The GoVibe Derringer

I got a GoVibe Derringer today, and of course had to put it through some tests right away. Here's a few RMAA results, and a few comparisons Derringer vs. FiiO E5.

GoVibe Derringer - Various Loads
GoVibe Derringer - Vol. 8 vs. 10
FiiO E5 vs. GoVibe Derringer
FiiO E5 vs. GoVibe Derringer - 16 + 52 Ohm Loads

All in all, the Derringer doesn't really like very low impedance phones (crosstalk, hiss, etc), and distorts heavily at maximum volume. Up to volume 8 and with some higher impedance phones however it performs well. I won't mention anything about the subjectively perceived audio quality now - it is too early for that and I have yet to get "accustomed" to the Derringer's sound.

They scraped off the opamp markings, so nobody gonna steal their design... The caps are solid-state, which is a first for a Chinese amp, in my experience. It runs on an AAA battery, while most other small amps use Li-Ion instead.

I like the aluminum housing and Ray-Samuels-like design, but one has to be really careful to not scratch anything with its sharp edges. I don't think it's advisable to have this amp and an MP3 player loose in the same shirt/trousers pocket. Better stick them thoroughly together with some doublestick tape, velcro, or rubber bands.

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